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Welcome to Treecorp Solutions! Cut down your tree and garden-related stress when you reach us. We are experts in tree removal, stump removal/grinding, tree pruning, Deadwooding and canopy shaping in Gosford, Central Coast, Woy Woy, The Entrance, Wyong, Tuggerah and Surrounding Areas. There is no need to go anywhere. You will get everything for your trees under one roof. However, before jumping into the in-depth information about our company and what it offers, let us help you answer the most frequently asked question by our customers. And, the question is “what is the difference between tree lopping and tree pruning”. If you are one of them who also wants to know this, this information is definitely for you.

Difference Between Tree Lopping and Tree Pruning

There’s no denying that most of the people get confused about the terms “lopping and pruning”. Tree lopping Gosford. Tree Lopping is not a practice that we at Treecorp adhere to. It is a practice that means you cut the tree in half or cut off the top of the tree, this is not allowed to be done any more as this makes the regrowth of that tree week and that in turn makes the branches break easily.

Tree Pruning: Treecorp Solutions prune the trees according to Australian standards. This is our guide to keep the integrity of the tree and make sure the tree can grow to it potential. Pruning a tree is under taken by a qualified Arborist, He will generally climb the tree with a rope and harness and move around the tree taking off the appropriate branches where needed.

Hire a specialist Tree Service in Gosford for quality service

When it comes to taking out any tree maintenance, safety is supreme. Hiring an expert and reputable arborist will guarantee all work is carried out in sequence with the appropriate regulations for absolute safety. Not only will this procedure support growth and guard against tree-related diseases, but it will also safeguard your home or property and others surrounding you while the process is in operation.

If you have obstacles with any tree-related security concerns or you’d just prefer to get tree Services in Gosford, please don’t wait to give us a call and we can help with all the data you’ll need. Try now!

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