24 Nov 2021

Why is it necessary to remove a tree stump?

Many homeowners find tree removal to be a stressful experience. The entire process of chopping down a tree does not end there, and this is because you will have to deal with the tree stump sooner or later. Compared to the initial tree removal, removing stumps is a different process, so hire an expert in tree stump removal in Central Coast to complete the job for you. Because of the additional work and money required, many homeowners decide to leave the stump alone. Here are four reasons why tree stumps should be removed. 

They can serve as a haven for pests and microbes:

The tree stump will begin to decompose after being left in one location for an extended period. While this might not always be a bad thing because it is a natural process, it is not ideal if you want to live in a healthy, favourable environment. Understand that a decomposing tree stump will take years to decompose completely. At the same time, decomposers contain pests, bacteria, and other repulsive organisms, and you do not want a pest farm in your backyard. Tree stumps are also a favourite snack of termites, ants, and other insects. To avoid an infestation in your home, get rid of that tree stump as soon as possible.

They may allow a variety of plants to grow around it and infiltrate your garden:

Tree stumps can also be the home of small plant species that are difficult to see with the naked eye. These plants will need nutrients to survive and may be harmful to the plants in your garden or backyard. Fungi will begin to sprout all over the stump, posing a safety risk to your pets and those living on the property.

They are visually disorienting:

A tree stump in your backyard will undoubtedly be unappealing. Stumps are easy to identify due to their large size. A glance in the direction where the stump is still planted will reveal the dead remains of a tree. At the same time, the longer you wait to remove the stump, the lower the value of your property. If you aspire to sell your home soon, it is best to have the tree stump removed as soon as possible. You would not scare away potential buyers this way, and you will be able to emphasize the aesthetics of your property during the sales pitch.

It could be a zombie tree:

A tree stump will never lose the ability to sprout new growth. These new sprouts can devastate your landscape and are expensive to remove, especially once their roots have established themselves. If you do not want such a zombie tree to form again, the best solution is to remove the tree stump and roots with the help of tree stump removal on the Central Coast.

They have the potential to cause structural damage to your home:

Keep in mind that just because the tree has been cut does not mean it is completely dead. Tree stumps will continue to grow and absorb nutrients from their roots. Because it will take a long time for the stump to decompose, it will continue to grow until it damages pipes, sidewalks, and other structures around your home. When this occurs, the repairs will be more expensive than removing the stump in the first place.


One of the most important reasons is the issue of liability. Children playing in a yard with a stump pose a serious risk of serious injury, and children running fast may not notice the stump. Anyone walking around the yard after dark is at risk of tripping over the uneven terrain. A backyard party could result in a guest being injured due to tripping over an unseen tree stump. The soil around the stump can settle, resulting in ground recession and trip-and-fall injuries. Nobody wants a guest to be hurt, and the liability issues that arise from an injury are always a source of concern. So, you should remove the tree stump as soon as possible.

Continued development:

Another reason is that removing a tree does not prevent the stump from sprouting new growth. This new development will also cause the roots to grow further, damaging the yard, cement, or sewer lines. This new growth will also deplete soil nutrients, causing the lawn and other nearby plant life to suffer. The grass is the plant life most vulnerable to the problems caused by this continued growth, and the grass will continue to disappear as the stump spreads. Hence consider removing the tree stump and do not stop by cutting the tree alone.

It captures the valuable space:

It can be unsightly to leave a large tree stump in your yard with no purpose, and the area can be considered dead space by a landscape enthusiast. The removal of the tree stump can liberate some valuable space. It lets you plant a new tree, set up a picnic table, or create a safe area for children to play and run around in.

Bottom line

There may be circumstances that make stump removal difficult, such as nearby obstacles or access restrictions. If you neglect to remove the stump yourself, you can hire a professional tree stump removal in Central Coast to do it for you. Remember that proper technique is the key to safe and successful tree stump removal. Hiring a trained technician knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to permanently removing your stump.  

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24 Sep 2021


Trees are a gift of Nature which has become so important to our World due to their contribution to the environment, which includes the provision of oxygen through the process of photosynthesis by taking in carbon dioxide and producing the oxygen we breathe. It also improves air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, supporting wildlife and provision of wood for construction purposes. Trees can also be used for aesthetic purposes to beautify your home and they can be either natural or planted by man. 

Trees, like every sector of our lives, need to be maintained or cared for so that they can live long and be in the best shape possible. The process of doing this is known as Tree care and this is termed as the application of arboricultural methods like pruning, trimming, and thinning in built environments and for this to be achieved, a professional Tree Service should be hired so that your tree will be given Maximum and Best Service Possible. Below are Eight Benefits of Hiring Tree Services in Central Coast!

Perfectly Trimming Your Trees

Tree Service Professionals will effectively help you in pruning and trimming your trees to help give your yard a beautiful view. Tree trimming is a lot more than just a pair of shears and some snips on the right branch, rather it involves understanding the growth patterns of different species of tree, predicting expansion patterns which would all help to prevent infection, promote the health of the tree, without affecting the aesthetic quality of the tree.

Treatment of Infection and Disease

Hiring Tree Services will help check your tree for any infection and help diagnose the tree’s health to ensure a long life for your trees. It is believed that Trees should be inspected for preventive measures at least once a year so that any change in the tree’s health, infection or insect infection can quickly be identified and controlled before it becomes too serious. It should be noted that unhealthy and damaged trees can often pose a danger to the safety of people and cause the destruction of property.

Insect Management And Pest Control

Trees Services in Central Coast are likely to fall Victim to Insect infestation or Pests due to the Climate but using Tree Services will help prevent it from getting overblown and affecting your Trees.

The Tree Care Professionals will make a thorough inspection of your landscape so that they can identify any insect problems and prescribe treatment, along with routine monitoring and proper maintenance to help prevent the infestation or disease from spreading to other parts of the yard through the use of various Chemicals, trimming the affected part or even full tree removal based on how serious the issue is and in the process protect your landscape from the damaging effects that may be caused by insect or pest infestation.


This is very paramount in all our endeavours and action, the Term “Safety First” should always be strictly adhered to and working on Trees all by yourself can be very dangerous as you would need to climb heights and safely maneuver heavy limbs while welding equipment which includes sharp objects such as pruning spears. Any mishap with such equipment can be very Dangerous. Furthermore, there is a risk of falling off a ladder, especially if you are working with Tall Trees. 

Several Tree Services In Central Coast are trained and equipped with better equipment to perform all your Tree care maintenance without damage to your property or any risk to yourself.

Removal of Tree After Storm

After a major Storm, Your compound might be damaged due to wind-breaking off a big branch or a thunderstorm knocking a tree over. The Tree Service would be able to clear up such a situation without further damage to your yard and would be able to do so quickly in a way that it won’t adversely affect you. 

Moreso, the Tree Service company has a way of protecting weak branches from damage during a storm, and they do this through Tree Bracing and Cabling. This acts as structural support, which provides stability during Bad Weather.

Selection And Removal Of Trees

Tree Service will help you select the kind of trees that would grow well in your location, which might not be your preferred choice of tree. Since they are trained professionals, they would be able to advise you on which type of tree to plant and get good sapling for you. And When a tree gets old or you wish to remove a tree from your yard, they would help you remove it without much fuss due to their training and them having better equipment to use in carrying such task out so that the process of removing such tree won’t affect other tree there, neither would it cause any damage at all to your property.

Add Value To Your Property

Having a tree in your yard adds to the aesthetic view of your home, which would help increase the value, and by taking maximum care of your trees well through an expert Tree Service, the value of the house the maintained and also increased, unlike when they are left to be infected and not pruned correctly, you risk exposing your house to infestation by insect and pest which would adversely affect the value of the house.

Stump Removal

If you have the idea to clear your land, while it is easy to cut down a tree, clearing the stump does prove to be difficult. Leaving it there would prevent you from clearing the remnant of the dead word and even affect the reason as to why you cut down the tree. Tree Service in Central Coast will help you clear all the stumps and allow for the flat ground without any evidence that a tree has been planted there ever before.

The usage of Tree Services for our Tree Care would go a long way in making our yard more beautiful, Life more easily, and the World more Eco-friendly.

Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.