25 Apr 2022

4 Most Popular Methods of Tree Pruning in Central Coast

The most common tree maintenance procedure is pruning. Tree pruning in Central Coast removes unwanted branches from a tree. Landscape trees need more care, unlike forest trees. It is necessary to maintain the structural integrity and aesthetics of the trees; that’s why landscape trees require a higher level of care. Apart from that, it is also essential to understand tree biology to do pruning properly. However, if not done correctly, it can damage or shorten the tree’s life. Similarly, it is also detrimental to trees’ appearance and healthy growth.

Purpose of Tree Pruning:

There are three categories related to the purpose of tree pruning. They are as follows.

  1. Reducing Risk and Inconvenience to the General Public:
  • It is essential to clear the roads by removing the branches of the trees for the safety of the people.
  • Protecting pedestrians and properties from twigs/branches falling from the tree. However, twigs/branches, once detected, need removal to prevent any further damage. 
  • One should maintain the road lighting condition. For instance, one must remove the branches of trees blocking street lamps.
  1. Maintaining the Health and Structure of Trees:
  • One must remove the dead or insect-carrying twigs and branches to maintain trees. In this way, one can control the invasion of pests and diseases. 
  • By removing overcrowded leaves, it allows more light and air. 
  • Pruning trees can also reduce the tree’s weight and minimize the chance of damage under strong wind.
  1. Improving the Trees Appearance:
  • Maintaining the trees in their most desirable form and structure is essential. 
  • Through pruning, one can improve the appearance of the tree. 
  • One must prune the unwanted branches to improve aesthetics. 

4 Essential Methods of Tree Pruning:

There are many ways to improve the shape and health of the tree. The primary goal is to create a tree with good air circulation, light, strength, and attractive qualities. However, there are four popular tree pruning methods on the Central Coast, and all of them involve the crown of the tree. The tree’s crown is quite vital as it produces leaves for photosynthesis. Most importantly, without a solid and healthy crown, the rest of the tree will weaken and damage over time.

The following are the four methods of tree pruning.

  1. Crown Thinning:

Crown thinning is the most popular tree pruning method for mature trees. It helps in increasing sunlight penetration and air circulation. To remove the overall density of the tree, thinning the crown is the method that includes trimming the live branches of the tree. However, the ultimate goal is not to change the size and shape of the tree. Therefore, the thinning is consistent throughout the tree. Most importantly. One must remove 10 to 20 percent of the tree branches only from the edge of the canopy.

  1. Crown Raising:

Another popular method is crown raising which lifts the bottom of the tree limb. It is best to clear the view or for traffic and buildings. Moreover, this method takes a lot of time as removing too many lower branches together can result in a weak tree. Hence, it is best to remove only a few limbs less than four inches in diameter. 

  1. Crown Reduction:

If the trees are older and mature, crown reduction is the best method to apply in pruning a tree. It not only encourages new growth but also strengthens the tree. However, this method removes a tree branch from a growing lateral branch. Then, this will become part of a new tree crown when the spring season begins. It is a gentler alternative to tree topping. In short, we can say just like crown thinning reduce limbs and foliage, crown reduction removes old growth and encourages new one. 

  1. Crown Cleaning: 

When trimming a tree, removing dead and broken branches is crown cleaning. It is part of crown thinning, raising, and reduction. Apart from that, one can do this on any day. Crown cleaning helps strengthen the overall tree. Moreover, it also prevents any future damage to both the tree and any property in the surrounding. Similarly, it also increases the safety of your landscape.

Safety Measures of Tree Pruning:

Everybody must adopt the below safety measures for tree pruning on the Central Coast.

  • Try to avoid tree pruning on windy, humid, and rainy days.
  • It is necessary to deploy an adequate workforce to maintain the traffic flow.
  • Use appropriate tools like pole saws, tubular saws, small chainsaws, ladders, ropes, long pruners, etc.
  • Always bring an emergency first-aid kit with you when pruning the trees.

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30 Oct 2020

5 Benefits Of Summer Tree Pruning In Central Coast

If you are like those who love to ensure that their trees are growing strong, getting the care to thrive and dwelling healthy, you must know the benefits of tree pruning in central coast during summertime. While the winter is the most ideal time to prune the trees, summer tree pruning can offer special benefits especially to fruit and damaged trees. It helps keep your trees in shape and provides care to fruit and damaged trees. 

Let us now have a look at the top 5 benefits of tree pruning in central coast during the summertime. 
1. Removes Dead Branches & Leaves: 
One of the important benefits of summer tree pruning is the removal of dead, damaged and rotten parts of the tree such as limbs and foliage. Doing so will enhance the potential of the tree for robust growth and minimize the chance of causing further damage. 
2. Promotes Healthful Growth: Summertime is a good time to prune trees as it promotes vigour so you can have sturdy trees for the coming years. During this time, you can prune back weak tree growth to promote healthy re-growth. This can be repeated later in summers if shoots grow back. 
3. Promotes The Growth Of Fruit Trees:Summer pruning allows fruit trees to have abundant sunlight which promotes strength and development in younger trees. Whereas in mature trees, it helps produce fruits of good quality and greater size. So, pruning in summers encourages overall growth and health of the tree. 
4. Ward off Pests: Another big advantage of summer tree pruning is pest control. By removing dead limbs and fruits that have mites or aphid damage, you protect the overall health and longevity of the tree. Doing so prevents infestations from spreading and causing further damage. 5. Prevent Infection: Of all the trees, fruit trees are most vulnerable to disease. Pruning away the infected parts of the tree during summers help prevent the infection from spreading to other parts. Check tree parts for fungus or rot and remove the infected limb to stop from spreading. 
If you are keen to prune your trees but don’t know much about it, then you can hire professional tree pruning service providers as they will help keep your trees looking best and healthy throughout the season. 

30 Oct 2020

Tree pruning makes outdoors safer and more aesthetic

A homeowner would invariably prefer that the trees at his property look natural and grow strong, while not posing a safety risk of any kind. Tree pruning Central Coast can help the trees meet up nicely with this requirement.

What is tree pruning Central Coast?
Tree pruning broadly refers to the selective removal of dying parts of a tree. This may include broken or hanging branches of a tree.Pruning enhances the health of trees or shrubs and boosts their growing capacity. It keeps the potential safety hazards caused by overgrown and weak branches at bay. Similarly, pruning is a method that adds to a home backyard’s aesthetic value. Trees then grow naturally to their full potential. Trimming however is different from pruning, and is conducted over hedges or shrubs for aesthetic purposes.

Why go for tree pruning Central Coast?
Trees that grow on residential blocks often require pruning. This makes it a lesser of a risky proposition to have. When trees are pruned properly, it reflects over the plants’ health over the long term. The premises look pleasing, and the safety levels are higher. 
The aestheticism that comes in with pruning trees at home enhances the resale value for a home, in case you intend to sell your property at some time in the future. This helps one come across the right kind of consumer who close deals fast and offer a good selling price for a property.
Pruning a tree works well not just for a tree that is pruned, but also the trees and plants in its vicinity. This enables better air circulation and sunlight exposure for the plants, and they grow nice and healthy. A few of the plants may even start growing right below a tree.
Pruning is a fine option to go ahead with for budding trees as well. A homeowner can then have a tree grow in the direction that he prefers. The trees are nicely shaped. This may give a homeowner the liberty to add some additional trees to his premises.
Overgrown trees give rise to varied kinds of safety hazards. They may even push a power line to a point of no service and cause a power outage. When the conditions are stormy or windy, the buildings close to the overgrown trees are at risk. So it is preferable to prune them as soon as they require pruning.
Common methods of tree pruning Central Coast
Different trees are best pruned in different ways, and professional is likely to have a better idea regarding the same. Thinning is one of the ways to go about with pruning. This frees the tree’s entire canopy and equips a tree to withstand a windstorm better. It lets more sunlight through but seldom alters a tree’s height. Either the branches are removed entirely or their branch weight is lightened, without stressing a tree.
Similarly, cleaning is a process of fine-tuning a tree that delivers a polished look. Reduction cuts help maintain utility lines’ distance from a tree’s spread. Structural cuts, then, are oriented towards improved long term health of a tree by enhancing a plant’s structure.