28 Jan 2021

Must-Have Tools for Every Stump Grinder

Whether you’re a farmer looking to clear some space for your next project or a simple homeowner beautifying your yard, there often comes that time where you would need to remove that unwanted tree. While cutting down said tree would get it out of the way, there is still the need to get that stump out of the way. When it comes to taking out stumps though, very little is as cost-efficient as stump grinding in Central Coast.

That being said, stump grinding is not an easy task. In fact, it is better left to professionals (it is a professional service after all). This is not to say that it is impossible to be carried out by non-professionals though, just that it would be harder? To help make things easier, you’d need to have the right tools and equipment.

Not sure what those are? You need not worry, we’ve got you covered. Below are the must have tools every stump grinder needs.


The ratchet becomes useful when your machine becomes faulty on the job. This isn’t an impossible thing to happen. If your grinder parts get shaky or noisy, this is your go-to tool. You just need to figure out which parts are loosened and do the needful. If it’s the other way around – you need to loosen some maintenance parts – use the ratchet.


The screwdriver is a necessary tool to have when dealing with machines. This ubiquitous tool can be used for lots of things on-site. Tightening and loosening loose screws, no problem | maintenance and getting wood chips off tight spots? It’s got it covered.


What do you need pliers for? You literally deal with wood and not metal! Well, surprises happen. There have been situations in Australia where the grinder comes in contact with some metal wire buried underground.

What happens when the metal wire wounds its way around your grinder teeth? You stop work and call maintenance? Of course not! If you’re with a pair of fully functional pliers, you just need to get down and get to work. Use the pliers to cut out the wire traps and free your grinder teeth of their misery.


ALWAYS remember to have all the necessary attachments for your grinder. Whether or not you’re dealing with large tree stumps, having an attachment to a tool is the only way to make things much easier for you. If you need a list of attachments for your grinder, here’s a good one.

  • Stump buckets. Used for digging stumps, rocks and even breaking up compacted soil.
  • Pallet forks. They’re useful for hauling anything and everything. Trees, fence posts, logs. Anything!
  • Tree booms. Useful for transporting trees from hard-to-reach areas. Not necessary if you’re dealing with a single tree.
  • Power rakes. Used for finishing, grooming, or grading the surface after grinding.
  • Max seed-to-soil contact. Also used for grading and smoothing surfaces. Only this time, it has a larger surface area to the rake. It could be used on a farm or construction site.
  • Bale spears. They’re used to transport the wood chips you get after grinding. You could think of them as a replacement for the shovel and wheelbarrow.


If you’re into removing stumps the old fashioned way, then this would be the most crucial tool for you. Even with the machine, it’s still advisable you have a mattock in your toolbox.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt is another innovative tool for removing tree stumps. Adding some Epsom salt to the stump would make grinding much more comfortable as the salt absorbs all the moisture off the stump and the ground. This makes the decay process much faster. Besides, Epsom salt is known to stop already ground tree stumps from regrowing.

To get this done, apply the salt across the stump a day before grinding. This leaves it a whole 24 hours to do its job. You’d be surprised how easy grinding the stump would be after adding the salt.

The stump grinder itself 

This is where all the magic happens. A stump grinder is a machine used by farmers and homeowners alike to ‘grind away’ stumps reducing them to chips and dust. The grinders come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Although you should only choose the one needed for your type of project.

If you’re a homeowner just looking to make Saturdays more fun in your yard, you should go for the smaller-sized one (no bigger than a hand-pushed lawnmower).

On the other hand, if you’re a farmer or working on a large piece of untouched land, get a bigger one instead. Some grinders exist as tractor attachments – saving you from having to maintain a separate machine.

Safety tools

Stump grinding in Central coast is a dangerous task to embark on. Most times, it’s advisable you have a professional do it for you. If you’re not careful, you could:

  • Get injured from all the wood chips flying around.
  • Get injured when felling the tree (if you ever have to fell one).
  • Get injured if you’re dealing with a decaying tree.
  • Get injured from a faulty machine part.

To avoid injuries, make sure you:

  • Dress well. Hard hats, earmuffs, goggles, and steel toe boots are a must for tree removal agencies.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery of any sort. Keep your long hair tied up.
  • Be very careful when installing blades.
  • Follow safety instructions and guidelines for stump grinding in Central Coast.
  • Put a warning fence to let passers-by know what’s being done.

Before you go ahead with carrying out your do-it-yourself stump grinding though, remember, this is delicate work. Be careful and don’t take on more than you can handle. And most importantly, if you ever find yourself in need of some professional help, never hesitate to contact stump grinding experts in Central Coast. Better safe than sorry.

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19 Dec 2020

Seven DIY Stump Grinding Mistakes to Avoid

Stump grinding can be a rather intimidating affair. It becomes even more so when you are carrying out DIY (do it yourself) stump grinding in Central Coast and have close to no experience. This intimidation usually leads to mistakes.

This doesn’t have to be the case, however. In fact, with the right help, you could even get the job done with little to no problems at all! Getting professional help is the best way to get this done, but even with DIY stump grinding, you could still do a great job and avoid the mistakes most inexperienced stump grinders make.

Helping you do just that is exactly the reason for creating this blog!

Below are the X most common mistakes beginners make while carrying out stump grinding in Central Coast, and how to best avoid them:

  1. Using the Wrong Grinder

Using the wrong tools for your stump grinding projects is essentially the biggest mistake you can ever make during stump grinding. This is because using the wrong tool practically means getting the wrong result; something you definitely do not want. It also increases the chances of an accident or the other happening; another thing you don’t want happening.

So what do you do? You get the right stump grinder for the job. This means choosing the right size and type of grinder for the type of stump you want to cut. For instance, a larger stump would require larger grinders to get the job completed easier and faster. Smaller stumps, on the other hand, can be taken care of with smaller grinders to reduce cost.

Using the right grinder also means choosing the right type of grinder better suited for YOU to use. This might mean forgoing one stump grinder for the other even though they are both great for the job.

You might need the help of a professional stump grinder in Central Coast here, so we advise you to contact one near you for more information on choosing the best grinder for you and your DIY stump grinding project.

  1. Forgetting the Other Tools

Your stump grinder is not the only tool you need for your stump grinding project. While you can carry out stump grinding without these other tools, it makes the job slower and less efficient.

These other stump grinding tools include:

  • Shovel
  • Rake
  • Chainsaw
  • Hose
  1. Starting Stump Grinding With No Preparations

Stump grinding is not a task you want to simply pick up on a whim with no preparation. This is a recipe for disaster.

Before working on any stump grinding task, you need to first prepare your worksite. Clear the area surrounding the stump so you have a working environment free of any obstructions and potentially dangerous materials. Set clear boundaries to prevent others (children and pets especially) from accidentally stumbling into your worksite.

You should also prepare the stump itself for the grinding process. Remove any rocks, stones, garbage, or other such materials that could either damage your blade or interrupt your work from the vicinity.

  1. Ignoring Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is a vital part of any given project, and stump grinding is no exception. You really don’t want to be one of those people who end up getting injured during DIY stump grinding simply because they felt they didn’t need to use any protective gear.

When carrying out stump grinding in Central coast (whether as a professional or not), you should never neglect using the following safety equipment:

  • Safety gogglesto prevent splinters, debris, and other such harmful particles from getting into your eyes.
  • Work glovesto protect your hands and provide a better grip on the grinder.
  • Earmuffsto protect your ears from the harsh sounds produced during stump grinding.
  • Dust masksto protect your lungs from the tree particles that would be flying about.
  • Full-length clothesto cover the rest of your skin as you work.
  1. Forgetting to Check the Grinder’s Condition Before Use

Never begin your DIY stump grinding without first checking to see if your grinder is in perfect working condition. This can lead to a lot of problems during your project.

Always ensure to give your grinder a cursory check before you begin grinding. Make sure it is working fine, the blades are in perfect working conditions, every screw is tightly fitted, and so on.

If there is any sign of possible damage or fault, we advise that you get the grinder fixed before getting started. Do NOT attempt to use faulty tools for any DIY project, that’s an easy way to make things go very wrong. If your grinder is not in perfect working condition, either get it fixed or get it replaced. Or better still, hire a professional stump grinder near you to help you get the job done.

  1. Rushing the Process

Stump grinding is NOT a project you want to rush, ESPECIALLY when you have no professional experience. Take it easy, take it slow. It is better to spend some extra time to get the job done right and avoid accidents than to rush the project and end up regretting it.

  1. Taking Much More Than They Can Handle

Now here’s probably the most common mistake people make during DIY stump grinding.

The fact is that not EVERY stump should be ground by non-professionals. Some are too large, too hard, or too complex. Others require much more advanced tools than you can operate. Others are situated in locations that make grinding them complicated.

You need to learn to recognize such stumps and do the right when you find them ─ leave them to the experts. Ever notice such stumps that need professional stump grinding services in Central Coast? Contact stump grinding experts near you today to get them safely removed!

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30 Oct 2020

Facts You Need To Understand About Stump Removal

At the point when you contact a tree administration to talk about stump evacuation in Central Coast, your tree organization may suggest stump crushing. Stump pounding permits your tree organization to play out a protected, effective, and complete tree stump expulsion with the goal that you can utilize the region where the tree used to be for an alternate reason. Here is a glance at the motivation behind stump processors and the general stump granulating process during a tree stump expulsion.

Stump Removal Technique 

In stump evacuation strategies, you would find that the entire stump alongside the root bundle of the tree is expelled. This is viewed as a somewhat troublesome procedure. Typically, when the tree develops, the root ball develops alongside it. You would find that the root ball grows extensively yielding huge root sizes. The general size of the root ball would be around four to multiple times the size of a tree. This is the reason the root ball expulsion is viewed as very difficult by most experts of Tree Stump Removal Central coast. There is a special equipment to take the root ball out of the ground.

Stump Grinding Technique

When the tree has been sliced to ground level or expelled, the stump is evacuated utilizing the stump granulating method. While performing tree stump pounding, the stump is first grounded utilizing a stump processor into little pieces. These little pieces are with the end goal that they can be utilized as a ground spread or a mulch. After the stump is grounded utilizing the processor, until it is a couple of crawls beneath the earth, the bit is secured by soil and residue. After a timeframe, the bit will rot alongside the roots encompassing it.

Stump Grinding and Stump Removal – Difference

Your Tree Stump Removal Central coast may offer more than one choice for tree stump evacuation. A few mortgage holders decide to let the tree stump rot and decay normally, yet this procedure is long and fragmented. Your tree administration can likewise uncover the tree stump from underneath the ground, be that as it may, these outcomes in a profound gap that should be filled in. Stump crushing doesn’t make an opening, and the grindings from the stump can be utilized as mulch for your arranging.

Advantages of Stump Removal

• It helps in dispensing with the issues that are related to the conventional strategy.• The occupations get simpler in an extremely brief timeframe with less human exertion.• Indeed, even colossal stumps can be evacuated in only a couple of hours and it takes just less space.• An expert can assist with evacuating the stump profound to the ground level intently.• You can make an appealing and sound grass.• No requirement for utilizing any brutal synthetic concoctions which can hurt the creepy crawlies that live helpful to the nursery.

30 Oct 2020

Important Do And Don’t Of Tree Stump Grinding

After removing a tree from the yard or any place. Everyone removes branches and other things immediately. One thing always left behind and no one pays attention to it, stump. It is very important to remove the stump for managing things perfectly. For such a task, you can avail of the stump grinding Central Coast and keep the yard safe & beautiful.
In reality, some people are avoiding the stump grinding and keep it in the yard. A dead tree or stump is not good from a healthy living point of view.

Benefits Of Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an effective way to eliminate unwanted stump from the yard and maintain a good living environment in the surroundings.
The availability of stumps in the yard can be a big reason for disgracing it affecting the looks. By removing the stumps you can regain the grace of the yard with ease. You can positive effects of such an action by getting an increase in the property value.

A stump can lead to some serious and dangerous accidents when it comes to children or senior citizens. Removing it cannot be only beneficial for you but also good for your family. A stump can also appear as a big problem while cleaning the yard and maintaining it.

Stumps are also leading some health-related issues like pests and diseases. In the dead trees or sumps, insects make their homes and start flourishing day by day. In the rainy seasons, it can get increased tremendously. These pests may lead to different types of diseases and some other issues.

Sometimes, tree removal service providers eliminate tree but don’t remove the stump. For a short time period, the chances of regrow of the stump are so high. Here, you may start facing similar issues again.
By removing the stump, you can easily get rid of these issues. For experiencing benefits by eliminating these problems, you should hire one of the best stump grinding service providers.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Tree Stump Grinding

If you are going to remove the stump, then you have to keep lots of things in mind. Some activities you have to perform and some things, you need to avoid. Here, you will get introduced to such factors.


Be Quick

Firstly, you need to be quick when it comes to remove stump. You should make a quick decision and conduct a stump grinding activity as fast as you can. You have to be quick and hire the stump grinding Central Coast after removing the branches and trunk. It can easily eliminate the chances of the tree regrow and prevent various issues.

Keep Things Away

For stump grinding, the professionals are going to use some heavy and advanced equipment. These equipment are very powerful and capable of destroying everything that comes in contact. You should try to remove everything from the yard and keep it completely empty while pursuing for stump grinding task.

Follow Instructions

Stump grinding is one of the important tasks, you have to do after removing a tree from the yard. If it is not performed perfectly or by following all instructions, then it can lead to lots of damages. Here, you should try to listen to the professionals and get the proper instructions. With it, you should pay attention to the instruction manual as well.

Hire Experts

You can find several sources to remove the stump from the yard. Some people are also trying on their own. To deal with such a condition and make all things perfect, you should hire the professionals only. The professionals are trained by following a specific procedure and under the guidance of experts. They complete such a task by focusing on all possible
safety measures.

Loose Clothes

While performing the stump grinding task, you have to perform tasks carefully and avoid loose-fitting clothes. Loose garments can come in contact with the grinding equipment and cause lots of damage easily. You have to wear suggested attire only such as – snug-fitting clothes, goggles, a helmet, and close-toed shoes.

Prevent Human Activities

You don’t allow to come humans near the stump during the grinding process such as kids. It will be useful in preventing dangerous conditions and avoiding some accidents. To make sure it, you should try to install some temporary barriers and restrict the movements.


Some people hurry by fastening the speed. You should not make such a mistake for completing the task quickly and saving time. Stump grinding is not an easy task. It is associated with lots of hazards and issues.

You should be focused on these factors carefully. With it, you should not forget to avail of the best stump grinding Central Coast by hiring the best company. To make such a decision, you should inspect and compare different options.

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28 Oct 2020

Stump Grinding Or Stump Removal – Which One Is Better Option? | Stump Grinding Central Coast

Everyone wants to maintain their house perfectly and keep its appearance appealing every time. It can be possible by focusing on all elements and eliminating the bad factors quickly. For this, you have to keep your grounds and outdoor area well-maintained as well. It is the first place where everyone interacts and leaves the first impression on the visitors. Sometimes, you may avail of the tree removal Central Coast services for better appearance. After such a thing, a stump still exists in that place. 

The elimination of stumps is too important for a better appearance. In case you don’t eliminate the stump, then it may start causing different types of problems such as – regrown, house of insects, the reason for accidents, etc. The most important factor is it does not look good in your yard or ground. 

For the elimination of stump, you have two major options: stump grinding and stump removal. In both methods, the stump will be removed from your place, but the results will be a bit different. Here, you can get more details about it. 
Stump Grinding 
If you hire the professionals for stump grinding, then the roots remain inside the ground. Here, the professionals will grind procedures for the elimination of stump. For such a task, they bring different types of tools and equipment. They grind the stump, and in the end, it remains a few inches above the ground. Here, they use landscaping material for covering the remaining part. 
With time, the roots start decaying. You can see the effects of root decay on the stump as well. It starts disappearing slowly. After that, you can freely use the area for any purpose you want. 
Stump Removal 
In the stump grinding procedures, the professionals leave roots inside the ground. In the case of the stump removal process, it is not going to happen. It is a big project as compared to stump grinding. In the process, the professionals also remove the root ball from the ground. Usually, the root ball is too big in comparison to the stump. 
Removal of such a thing from the ground leaves a big hole. After that, you have to work on filling the hole with proper material or things such as – soil, plants or trees, or mulch. In case you don’t focus on filling it properly, then you may face lots of problems in the future. 
Which One Should You Choose?
These are key details about stump removal. Before you hire the best tree removal Central Coast services, you have to focus on some factors. It can assist you in figuring out which one is a better option for you, stump grinding or stump removal. 
Firstly, you should focus on the budget and it is the most important part. You should ask the company for a price quotation to estimate the overall cost. It helps you in setting up things as per your budget availability. Mainly the cost of a procedure is based on the time and labour. 
In the stump grinding process, time and labour consumption are too low as compared to the stump removal. Consequently, you can find the stump grinding a cheaper option. If you don’t have any budget-related issues, then you should try to avail of stump removal services. 
Stump removal eliminates the chances of regrowth of the tree. With it, you are capable of using the space as per the requirement immediately. Without budget issues, you can consider stump removal as the best option to choose from. 
Hire The Best Service Provider 
Stump removal is not an easy task to perform for anyone. It needs lots of experience, knowledge, right tools & equipment, and much more. All these things are making the selection of a perfect company more important. Here, you can get some key factors. 
Get Recommendations 
Some people are facing issues in getting names of the best service providers. In case you are facing similar issues, then you should try to get some recommendations from friends. On the basis of recommendations, you can create a list of service providers and compare all options with ease. Mainly an individual recommends a company as per their experiences. Here, you can trust the service quality. 
Firstly, you should try to get details about the experience the company has. Choosing an experienced service provider is highly important here. In case you pick a novice or in-experienced team of professionals for stump removal, then it may lead to problems. It is a risky task and should be performed with proper precautions and safety measures. An in-experienced one can make some serious mistakes that may lead to bad and dangerous results. 
Tool & Equipment 
You have to inspect the tools and equipment that are used by the company. You need to make sure the company has all the required tools & equipment. Without proper resources, the stump removal task consumes lots of time and creates several barriers. 
You should not forget to check out the company testimonials. Mainly these reviews and ratings are posted by the previous clients of the company. By overviewing these, you can understand what kind of experience previous customers got. 
With all these things, you have to check out the service charges. You can ask the companies for price quotations. It can help you in comparing all options on the basis of price. You should choose the quality service provider at affordable prices. 
It can assist you in setting up a perfect comparison while hiring the best tree removal Central Coast company. For availing of the quality services, you can contact Treecorp Solutions today. We have a team of highly experienced professionals. 
Disclaimer : This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.