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Tree Pruning

Pruning of trees addresses the needs of people and structures in a shared environment i.e. limbs over buildings. All trees are pruned in accordance with the Australian Pruning Standard AS 4373-1996.

Canopy Shaping

Deals with the aesthetics or form of a tree, to shape a tree in a desired way.

Dead Wooding

Many trees carry dead branches that often fall unexpectedly. Pruning out deadwood creates a safer environment.

Tree Removal

If a tree is diseased or dead and beyond redemption it must be carefully taken down.

Block Clearing

Many vacant building blocks have trees growing in the ‘building zone’. These trees must be removed according to a council building approval.

Tree Management Programs

Treecorp Solutions tree management program was launched in September 2002. Its purpose is to provide a tree maintenance service that integrates professional client focused attention with a high level of workmanship by trained Arborists and tree industry workers.
The tree management program involves:

  1. Assessment: Each tree is assessed with regard to safety, potential, form and hazards.
  2. Prioritise: Proposed works assigned a level of priority.
  3. Schedule works: According to priority work is scheduled on a time line over a period of 6-12 months.

Tree management programs are for community specific facilities, such as nursing homes, schools, retirement villages, shopping centres etc. and positively address many issues:

  • Duty of care: Work Health and Safety strategies must incorporate tree management.
  • Risk Reduction: Maintained trees pose minimal threat to person & property.
  • Aesthetics: Maintenance of trees keeps your property always looking its best.
  • Peace of mind: We take the worry out of facility management regarding trees.
  • Storm damage policy: Immediate attention 24 hours to keep property and people safe.
  • Resident Information: Formal notification of proposed work dates to your residents and or clients
  • Much Supplies
Stump Grinding

Treecorp has 2 stump grinders, to suit those big jobs or a portable grinder for all those smaller locations.We grind the stump to below the ground level.

Mulch Supplies

We have mulch, compost and garden soil at great prices.If garden maintenance is what you need our maintenance team can help keep your home or facility looking at it best all year round. We make our own mulch and soil products so the discounts go straight to you.

Emergency Insurance Claims

This is a priority for Treecorp we will put you a head of the rest to get your tree work cleaned up as quick as possible.

Safety Checklist A quick guide to assessing the safety of your trees. Do the trees on or near your property, show any of the following warning signs?

  • Visible signs of decay or cavities in the trunk or branches
  • Any signs of branches dying back in the canopy
  • Any root damage in the last ten years
  • A history of falling branches
  • Any dead branches hung up in the canopy
  • Any fungal fruiting bodies attached to the trunk or branches
  • Any signs of termite activity
  • Unseasonal leaf drop or flower production
  • Large heavy branches that don’t taper off in thickness towards the end
  • Any cracks or splits in the trunk or branches
  • Any unusual swollen areas at the base of the trunk.

This checklist is not designed as a complete tree assessment, but it may alert you to potentially dangerous conditions that warrant your seeking our professional advice.

For more information please contact us and allow Treecorp Solutions to provide you superior tree care & maintenance to create a cleaner & safer outdoor environment for you ..

Our office has been dealing with Treecorp Solutions for several years now and we cannot recommend them highly enough. Quotes and opinions are thorough, accurate and timely and Tony’s wealth of knowledge has proven invaluable to us and our investors time and time again. Treecorp have always communicated clearly with us, our tenants and our investors and can always be relied upon to complete jobs on time, and importantly, take all mess and debris with them!

Jenny Williamson

Business Leader, Property Management, Ray White Thompson Partners

Tree Works Application Forms A Tree Works Application may be necessary when removing or pruning a tree on private land. Gosford and Wyong Councils have stipulations and requirements when planning to remove trees. Please see below the links to each council’s information, including online and printable forms for each council.


Gosford Council
Gosford Council
Here you will find an online and printable version of the Tree Works Application form.
For your convenience we have included a PDF form for you to download from our website here.
Wyong Council
Wyong Counil
Here you will find an online and printable version of the Tree Works Application form.
For your convenience we have included a PDF form for you to download from our website here.

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